National Motocross championship takes off on a good note

National Motocros - Picture source

The National Motocross championship got off to a good start with any one of five riders vying  for first place honours overall in the senior classes.

Mx1 and Mx2 ran together and in Heat 1, Gavin Love (bike number 909) got off to a flying start on his Honda 250cc followed by multiple national champion Dale Holliday (bike number 29) on a Honda 250cc.

ZANIS sports reports that Lusaka Motor Cycle Club (LMCC) Committee Member Norman Barrett, confirmed the development in a statement.

“  Just behind him was Nicholas Comana (bike number 41) on his 450cc Honda with Lusaka teenager Justin Barrett (bike number 11) on his 250cc KTM, “ read the statement in part.

Holliday made a rare error dropping his bike in a muddy corner allowing Comana and Barrett through.

They then caught up to Love and the three battled each other for most of the race. Towards the latter stages Barrett passed Comana and then Love for a well deserved win.

According to the statement, the second heat saw Love and Holliday getting through holeshot down in the field allowing Comana, Argente brothers Malcolm Argente (bike number 3) and Carl Argente (bike number 7) both on 450cc Yamahas with Barrett in fourth.

The racing was keen with Comana stalling out of 1st place, Barrett taking the lead earlier this time.

Carl Argente finished in second with Holliday making up places to finish third. Love had crashed and managed climb back on  finish injured. His day was over.

The final heat was a shootout between Comana and Holliday. Comana held Holliday off for most of the race, but experience paid off and Holliday took the chequered flag, followed by Comana, Carl Argente and Barrett.

The Veterans and Juniors were combined and with points being scored separately. Nic Heygate announced his retirement from Motocross to the disappointment of all, however Mark Bradford (bike number 48) on a Honda 250cc stepped up to the plate and scored three straight wins.

Leah Heygate (bike number 76) on her 85cc Yamaha managed an excellent second place in two races leaving some Veterans blushing.

The real excitement came from the duel for second place between Mike Buratto (bike number 161) on his 300cc two-stroke KTM and Mauro Gaurdigli (bike number 27) also on a KTM.

Buratto managed to beat Gaurdigli each time and in the last heat they were pushing each other so hard that they went down together. Buratto recovered first to take his third second place.

Scott Heygate (bike number) was never far off his sister Leah’s pace and took three second places in the 85cc class.




1.      Nicholas Comana 450cc Honda (bike number 41), Lusaka, 72 points

2.      Carl Argente 450cc Yamaha (bike number 7), Lusaka, 69 points

3.      Richard Franklin 250cc two-Stroke Honda (bike number 17), Lusaka, 60 points



1.      Justin Barrett, 250cc KTM (bike number 11), Lusaka, 72 points

2.      Dale Holliday, 250cc Honda (bike number 29), Copperbelt, 69 points

3.      Gavin Love, 250cc Honda (bike number 909), Lusaka, 42 points



1.      Mark Bradford, 250cc Honda (bike number 48), Lusaka, 75 points

2.      Mike Buratto, 300cc two-stroke KTM (bike number 161), Lusaka, 66 points

3.      Mauro Gaurdigli, 200cc 2-stroke KTM (bike number 27), Lusaka, 60 points



1.      Leah Heygate, 85cc Yamaha (bike number 76), 75 points

2.      Scott Heygate, 85cc Yamaha (bike number 78), 66 points