ZP discourages violent campaign strategies

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The Zambia Police Service says it is discouraging the use of certain strategies such as the    ‘Mapatizyia formula’ which are not known by anybody and pose a threat to lives of the people.


And Police says it is also discouraging the ferrying of party cadres from other areas to either Livingstone or Mpongwe where by-elections will be taking place on 28 February, this year.


Zambia Police Service Public Relations Officer, Elizabeth Kanjela, says police will not hesitate to bring to book all those advocating for violence either by the use of words or actual physical harm.


Ms Kanjela said in a press statement released to ZANIS in Lusaka today that her men and women in uniform are on the ground patrolling and carrying out security check-ups to ensure people are not carrying offensive weapons to harm others.

She appealed to the people of Livingstone and Mpongwe to co-operate with police officers and report any person/s intending to bring confusion.


“We have sent reinforcement police officers to Livingstone and Mpongwe to help police the campaigns ahead of the forth-coming by-elections on February 28th and may I take this opportunity to advise all the political parties to carry out their campaigns in a peaceful manner ahead of the forth-coming by-elections,” Ms Kanjela said.


Yesterday, Johan Lyakoka, 19, a cook for Western province Minister, Obvious Mwaliteta, was murdered in Livingstone in unknown circumstances, the incident which many PF members suspect to be the infamous ‘Mapatizya formula” which is mainly associated with the opposition UPND.


The body of Lyakoka was found on Saturday morning lying on the tarmac along the Lusaka road opposite Crossroad Lodge a few meters away from where the deceased and his colleagues were sleeping.


But United Party for National Development (UPND) has dissociated itself from the killing of Mr Mwaliteta’s cook.


UPND Campaign Manager and Mazabuka Central Member of Parliament, Garry Nkombo, said the incident is regrettable but that his party has got nothing to do with the killing of Lyakoka.


Meanwhile, two people in Lusaka have been arrested for allegedly causing the death of a 40-year-old man.


Police Spokesperson, Elizabeth Kanjela, said the incident occurred yesterday between 22:00 and 23:55 hours at Aca Justice and Human Rights Consultants Offices in old Kanyama Compound.


Ms Kanjela named the victim as Shadreck Shawuma of unknown house number but in old Kanyama Compound who was murdered by four people out of which two were apprehended and are in police custody.


She identified the suspects as Cosmas Kangondo, aged 40, of house number 47/04, Kanyama Compound, and Morgan Kakumba of house number 49/66, of the same area who are both Aca Justice and Human Rights Consultants.


Facts of the matter are that the deceased has been on separation with his wife for some time and on the material night, Shadreck went to visit his wife who instead went to report him to Aca Justice and Human Rights Consultants offices so that their family dispute could be sorted out.


Instead, the deceased become so annoyed and accused the men of interfering in his marriage. Confusion erupted and resulted into a fight and Shadreck was left unconscious at the Office.


Ms Kanjela said fists and head butts were used in the act and the suspects will appear in court soon.


The deceased was bleeding from the nose and sustained a swollen head and the body is lying in University Teaching Hospital mortuary.

In another development, two children aged 15 and 10 died out of drowning in two separate incidences.


Ms Kanjela said in Lusaka, a 15 year old boy went to swim with his friends after they came from playing football in Chawama and in the process he drowned at Blue Water dam.


Ms Kanjela said the incident occurred yesterday around 15:00 hours and by press time, the body of the boy had not yet been retrieved from the dam.


And in Nchelenge district in Luapula Province, a 10 year old boy drowned in Lake Mweru near the fisheries offices as he was swimming with his friends.


The incident occurred yesterday around 14:00 hours at the lake and the body is lying in St Pauls Mission Hospital mortuary.