Unknown disease breaks out at Mongu teachers college

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An unknown disease has broken out and has attacked 123 students at Mongu Teachers Training College.

Mongu District Medical Officer, Francis Liywalii, said 123 students have been affected by the disease from   January 22 to  January 31, 2013.

Dr Liywalii said on the first day, there were only 41 students affected but the number kept on increasing every day and the medical staff has been assigned to treat the students within the college premises to avoid spreading the disease to other people.

The District Medical Officer revealed this during the Epidemic Preparedness Committee Meeting which took place at Lewanika General Hospital today.

Dr Liywalii further said that the symptoms of the disease include body hotness, fever, sneezing, coughing, constipation and headache.

The Dr Liywalii explained that the cause of the disease outbreak is not yet known despite the suspicion of the water used by the college which was sampled for test and the results showed that the water was contaminated, but the cause of contamination is still being investigated.

He said in spite of the increase in the number of the affected students, those on treatment are responding positively and no death has been recorded out of the outbreak.