Govt. has not come up with a white paper on constitution making process

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Government has not yet produced a white paper on the constitution making process road map, Minister of Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has disclosed.

Mr. Kabimba said government was committed to the process of producing a people driven constitution without any form of interference from the executive or any outside force.

Mr. Kabimba, who is also PF Secretary General, urged the Zambian people to be calm while the technical committee drafting the document works towards having a people driven constitution.

He was speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today.

He said the technical committee was holding district and provincial conventions to ensure that the principles of democracy and good governance are promoted.

Mr. Kabimba further reiterated government’s commitment to overhauling the judicial system in order to restore confidence in the people.

He said the reforms would strengthen the entire judicial system, promote institutional structures and coordinate the framework that would also act as an instrument of social change and economic development.

And Mr. Kabimba has maintained that it was the responsibility of government to continue maintaining law and order in the country in accordance with the public order act provisions.

He reminded the critics of government that the PF was not against the public order Act when it was in the opposition.

He regretted the political violence that occurs in the country during polls and attributing this largely to misunderstandings among political players.