PACRA urges business houses to register

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Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) in Muchinga province says there is need for Business operators to register their businesses so as to comply with the law.

Chinsali PACRA Care Officer Joseph Musonda said in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali today that the majority of businesses in Muchinga province are not registered though they hold trading certificates.

Mr Musonda said it is compulsory by law that every business should be registered with PACRA, adding that it is equally important for business operators to register in order not to incur penalties like what happened last year.

Mr Musonda also disclosed that from the time the office started operating in Chinsali district in June last year, 90 businesses have been registered adding that this year from January 1  to date only 12 businesses have been registered.

The PACRA Care Officer has since called on business operators not only to register with PACRA but also to submit their Annual returns in time in order to avoid being inconvenienced.

He said that business operators should utilize Mobile Annual Returns Collections Digitalization facility which was introduced in February this year.

Mr Musonda said that there is need for PACRA to work in partnership with local authorities such as the district councils to ensure that businesses are registered before they obtain a business Levy or a trading license.

He also observed that despite PACRA establishing an office in the province, the business community has continued to overlook the importance of PACRA and only obtain business Levies and trading licenses which they deem to be important.

Mr Musonda further said PACRA may engage the council because they have powers to command the business community and make them to comply.