Health authority shutdown school for poor sanitation

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Ministry of health in Mumbwa has closed Kabulwebulwe basic school two weeks after the schools open because of poor sanitation.

Mumbwa District Acting Medical Officer Reward Sibanda told ZANIS in Mumbwa today that the school which is located 20Km West of Mumbwa boma along Lusaka-Mongu road has been closed following revelations that the school was drawing its drinking water from the boreholes contaminated with the effluent from the pit latrines.

Dr Sibanda explained that the Public Health Inspectors from his office who inspected the school last week found that the effluent from the pit latrines was coming out of the orifices as a result of high water table.

He said the situation at the institution contravenes the Public health Act. CAP.295 of the Laws of Zambia as pupils were at a risk of diarrhea diseases.

The Medical Officer added that the school authority has been advised not to allow any pupil in classes until the situation comes back to normal.

District Commissioner Sunday Shamabanse also confirmed the closure of the school while efforts to get a comment from the District Education Board Secretary Theresa Sitali failed as she had rushed to the same school. 





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