Artiste hails media

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A renowned Zambian artist says the media in the country deserves to be commended highly for the commitment it has exhibited towards the fight against piracy and counterfeits.

Gift Lwelele populary known as Chintelelwe said this in an interview with the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) over the weekend.

Speaking immediately after a live performance at the United Church of Zambia (UCZ) Nakonde Congregation during the Nakonde UCZ church Choir Mushipe Album launch, Lwelele said the media has really helped the artist in the fight against piracy and counterfeits in the country. 

Lwelele who is both an Actor and Musician said that piracy has really affected the life of artists in the country.

“I am so pleased in the manner the media in the country have been helping us in this fierce battle with piracy in the area,” said Lwelele.

Lwelele further observed that the levels of piracy and counterfeits in the country are frustrating the work of the intellectuals.

He said that in as much as the artists try their level best to take the country forward by using their different talents, they are reaping very little from their sweats compared to what the pirates get.

Lwelele has since called on the media to continue helping artistic industry, saying had it not been for the media, musicians would not have been getting even the little they are getting from their works.

Lwelele has also thanked the people of Nakonde for the good response and support they have continued to give to the local musicians in the country.