Orga Family mesmerises fans

Orga Family

THE Orga Family last weekend took party goers at the Copperstone University end-of-year party by storm when they played the famous Chikondi to the amusement of the crowd.

The Copperstone University end-of-year party was held at Kitwe’s Moba Hotel on Friday evening and the event included traditional songs and dances from the Sunga Umukoshi dance troupe as well as gospel artiste Taonga Phiri, popularly known as TK.

TK also played his famous Awe nshakachule track to the amusement of the crowd.

The party goers were caught by surprise when master of ceremonies Joseph Simukonda announced that the Orga Family was among them and should give the audience a Ka dyonko.

Simukonda called on the Orga Family after traditional and cultural performances from the Sunga Umukoshi.

The crowd thought it was one of Simukonda’s comedies until the group first performed their newly-composed Copperstone University song.

The lyrics of the song describe Copperstone University as the institution for Zambia, for entrepreneurship, for the vision and for the land.

The song took Copperstone chancellor Peter Matoka, vice-chancellor Sitwala Mundia and his wife Georgina and some members of staff to the dance floor obviously in support of the institution’s great achievements.

It was after 23:00 hours when the Orga brothers played the Chikondi song, forcing the ‘organised’ party goers to sing along and dance to the song.

As described by the vice-chancellor, a moment of reviewing the institution’s past was worth celebrating.

 ”A moment such as this one is worth celebrating because it is a moment of reviewing our past performance and future plans as an institution of higher learning,

“It is a moment of appreciating the efforts of our workers and the stakeholders,” said Mundia.

Motivational speaker James Muwowo urged the audience to utilise their time properly to better their lives.

The three entertainment groups gave the party goers an organised package of entertainment without a dull moment, while Simukonda also spiced it up with his comedies.