Land Alliance helps marginalized

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Zambia Land Alliance has reaffirmed its commitment in advocating for programmes that promote land rights for women and marginalized groups in Petauke district.

District Land Alliance Programme Officer Andrew Kamanga told ZANIS in Petauke on Thursday that women and the marginalized have limited access to land due to customary practices.

Mr Kamanga sai that out of the targeted 150 women in 2012, the branch allocated land to 130 women in Sitambuli area and 40 women in Chimate through Senior chief Kalindawalo.

He expressed happiness with the response from women who were given land as some have already taken upfront materials to the sites in readiness for construction of houses.

Mr Kamanga however, expressed his disappointment with some indunas whom he accused of re selling customary land which was given to the marginalized groups in the district at KR2 000.

Mr Kamanga has since advised the indunas and village headmen to desist from illegal allocation of customary land on places already occupied as they risk facing legal suit.