Millers demand to cut work force to reduce meal prices

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The Zambia Consumers Association (ZACA) says claims by some millers that reducing mealie meal prices would mean they have to cut down on their work force is unfounded.
ZACA Executive Director, Muyunda Ililonga, said millers had no reason to complain as they benefited the most from the maize produce each year.
Mr Ililonga stated that millers have for a long time now exploited farmers by making abnormal profits.
He held that it is unfair for any miller to present the above argument, saying farmers were the ones who had reason to complain about how much they benefit from the maize produce.
Mr Ililonga said it is unfortunate that farmers do not get much money from the maize when they are the ones who do the tedious work as compared to the millers.
He claimed that the current situation where millers make huge profits while farmers get very little will discourage young people who would want to venture into farming.
Mr Ililonga said no claims made by any miller as to why they cannot reduce mealie meal prices can be justified as those who seek reasons to do so are only acting on selfish ambitions.
Many millers countrywide have reduced mealie meal prices following President Sata’s directive that no one should trade a 25 kg bag of mealie meal at more than KR50 while others have been reluctant to effect the reduction.