Govt. happy with works at the new Samfya market

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Luapula Permanent Secretary Mbololwa Muyaba has expressed dissatisfaction at the workmanship of the new Samfya market by the local contractor.

This was during her tour in Samfya district, where she noticed that the trading facility being belt under CDF and is still under construction is being handled by a local Samfya contractor.

The PS noted that the facility constructed without taking into account the need for a good natural air ventilation system, has a capacity of 50 stands once completed.

She said this would make a very inhospitable environment for both traders and customers as a well ventilated area and structure is what was ideal for trading purposes such as a modern market.

The PS observed that the corridor at the entrance had already started breaking and there are 2 major cracks on the wall a sight not pleasant especially for a supposed new structure.

And during a visit to the new Samfya Youth Skills Centre the Permanent Secretary was disheartened to hear from the centre manager Francis Ndonyo that the traditional land initially given for the project had over time been reduced as headmen were reportedly allocating plots around it and reduced its initial 180 by 120.

As such the area has insufficient land for building the remaining structures like, ablution block, hostels, teachers houses,3 big work shops, for carpentry, computers and designing among others

Mrs. Mayuba later visited the new Samfya District Hospital which is  still under construction though in its final touches and was impressed with the work of the third phase of the construction work which was done by the Chinese contractor