Suspect in Ruth Bandu’s case accuse police

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Suspect in the Ruth Bandu case Collins Kasiye Sooma has accused  the police of beating him in the police cell.

 Sooma who has been pleading with the Magistrate Court to give him his items which were found with him at the time of arrest and latter confessed having participated in the brutal killing of Ruth told the court that on several occasions the police have been going into the police cell where he is and badly beat him.

He further complained that after the beating he would ask the prison officers to take him to the hospital but they have refused and opted to give him pain killers.

 “Your Honour, I am worried as I do not know the extent of the injury that could have been caused in my body as a result of such beatings” Complained Sooma.

 In response to Soomas’ complaint, Magistrate Betty Malupenga instructed the public prosecution team to work with the prisons service officers and ensure that Sooma receives medical attention.

 The six accused persons who include the late Ruth Bandus’ Uncle George Kalomo 31, Bishop Evans Ngulube 58, Edward Siandima 28, Emmanuel Serenje 23 and John Kapembwa 25 today appeared before Lusaka Magistrate Malupenga for a mention.

Magistrate Malupenga however informed the court that the six accused persons will continue coming from police remand cells as the court had not received instructions to have them referred to the High Court.

 She further expressed hope in the next meeting the court will be furnished with instructions to refer the matter to the high court for plea and subsequent trial.

 Magistrate Malupenga has since adjourned the matter to January 31, this year for a mention pending instructions from the office of the Director for Public Prosecution (DPP).

 The death of Ruth Bandu 19 year’s old NIPA student shocked the nation when her body was found lying naked few kilometres from her house with her ears, eyes and facial skin gruesomely removed last year on July 13.