Four suspects in police custody for stolen items

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Four suspected criminals have been held in custody at Chowa police station in Kabwe following an ongoing routine investigation and recovery exercise of items worth over KR70,000 by the police in the area.

Acting Central Province, Police Commanding Officer, Charles Mbita told ZANIS in an expository statement that the alleged culprits were detained following reports from various people who had lost numerous items in Kabwe.

Mr Mbita told ZANIS at the showcasing of the recovered items by the Zambia Police at Chowa police station in Kabwe yesterday.

The acting Police Commanding officer however, declined to give the identities of the suspects saying doing so may jeopardise the ongoing police investigations and recovery exercise.

“As for now, we are unable to give the names of the suspects as it would jeopardise with the ongoing police investigations and recovery exercise,” said Mr Mbita.

And some of the notable recovered items from the ongoing exercise include blankets stolen from people’s homes during day time, four sound speakers, digital piano’s, iron sheets, window and door frames belonging to the Salvation Army and other community churches,  two television sets whose owners are still unknown, two laptops belonging to Mulungushi University students and two desktops from the same institution and
others belonging to Kabwe Secondary school.

“The breakings were mainly made in the month of December 2012 and through investigations, the police came up with four suspects who are currently under custody here at Chowa police station to help with
investigations in the ongoing recovery exercise,” confirmed Mr Mbita.

He further said the police were led into the investigations after they apprehended one of the alleged culprits who then led the police to his counterparts who were equally detained to help with police investigations and recover items stolen from various institutions in Kabwe.

Mr Mbita appealed to the affected members of the general public to find time to go to the Chowa police station to try and see whether they can identify their lost items.

Mr Mbita has since urged the general public not to buy goods or items from unscrupulous businessmen such as the four that are in custody as the members of the community are the ones that lose out in such cases.

“There is even an adage that goes that buyer be aware, therefore I urge the general members of the community not to buy goods or items from unscrupulous people as in the end it is community members that
lose out in such instances,” Mr Mbita advised.

He further informed ZANIS that there are two main police toll free lines that our communication service providers MTN and Airtel have offered and mainly the police use MTN toll free number 02-152222 which
is inclined to MTN subscribers only.