Kitwe traders ‘ reject’ rebased KR

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Some marketeers at Chisokone market in Kitwe have complained that some clients and traders were refusing to accept coins.

ZANIS reports from Kitwe that one of the affected marketer,  Agnes Nkuwa,  expressed concern that  some traders especially bus operators and small shop owners were refusing the rebased currency in preference for the old one.

And another marketer Kelvin Siame said the coins were too small and difficult to carry.

Mr. Siame appealed on government to revert the K1 coin into note form which is easier to carry and handle.

He added that coins were also a risk to child who can easily swallow them.

And Agriculture Deputy Minister Luxon Kazabu has also observed that many people still have problems with the new currency especially dealing with the coins.

He however said government will continue with the sensitization programmes until it is satisfied that members of the public are able to use the money correctly.

Mr. Kazabu who is also Nkana Member of Parliament strongly appealed to business people who have learned how to use the rebased money to help their fellow traders to ensure that they don’t get cheated by unscrupulous people.

Over the weekend, Mr Kazabu took time to sensitize Chisokone Marketeers on the rebased currency and check on how they are coping up with the new cash notes and coins.

And most of the traders he talked to expressed ignorance and confusion over the new money and said that they are  facing many challenges in their day to day transactions.

However, the traders  welcomed the move by the minister  to go round and expressed gratitude that they have been helped a lot.