Andeleki quits to pursue other interests

Clement Andeleki

In a statement released yesterday, Mr. Andeleki thanked members of the public for “the unwavering support rendered to him during his service.”
“I wish to inform the nation and members of the public at large that I have resigned from my position as chief registrar of societies, the position I cherished so much to serve the nation at another level,” Mr. Andeleki said.
He did not shed light on his preferred occupational interests.
He also thanked the church and civil society organisations for the support rendered to him.
“I have no doubt in my mind that this agency of government will still continue to seek higher heights even in my absence,” he said.
Mr Andeleki further thanked the appointing authority for trusting him with such an office.
“I must say it has been with great pleasure to me and my family to have served the nation in this very important public position,” Mr Andeleki said.
He was appointed chief registrar on December 1, 2011 and is known for having de-registered the opposition MMD in March last year, among other issues.
He de-registered the party after it failed to pay close to K400 million statutory debts dating as far back as 1991.
Mr Andeleki was dragged to court and the MMD won the case but he collected the money.