Publication of nude pictures morally harmful and unacceptable

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GOVERNMENT is concerned with the continued publishing of nude pictures by some media houses in the country.

Chief Government spokesperson Kennedy Sakeni said in a statement yesterday that the practice was unZambian.

“I note with regret that pictures depicting scantily dressed persons socialising in night clubs and other entertainment spots have become a common feature in some media outlets much to the discomfort of the general public some of whom have complained to my office,” he said.

Mr Sakeni, who is Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, said the publishing of nude pictures was not only morally harmful, but also unacceptable more so that Zambia was a Christian Nation.

He said the publication of the nude pictures was wrong, coming at a time when the country and the world at large were grappling with the challenge of gender-based violence.

“It is our call and expectation that all stakeholders, the media included, will continue working together in sowing decency and good morals in our society,” he said.