Nevers lied, says Namulambe

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FORMER Mpongwe Member of Parliament (MP) Gabriel Namulambe says MMD president Nevers Mumba lied when he alleged that the Patriotic Front (PF) had disbursed over K1.4 billion to destabilise the former ruling party.

Mr Namulambe said Dr Mumba should not tell lies, but instead improve his leadership style, which was not inspiring to MMD members and Zambians at large.

He was speaking on Radio Icengelo ‘Face to Face with the community’ live programme at the weekend.

Mr Namulambe, who is former MMD chairperson of elections, said Dr Mumba has never done anything attractive since he was elected MMD president and that he had lost direction

He said the MMD was headed for doom under the leadership of the pastor.

Mr Namulambe said the MMD manifesto expired when the party lost the 2011 elections while that of the UPND had never been in existence since the leader Anderson Mazoka died.

He said he resigned from the MMD after failing to reason with Dr Mumba and that the former ruling party had no progressive policies to offer the people of Zambia.

“I joined PF because it has a manifesto which is appealing, it is active in bringing development as it is concerned with the poor people and is responding to the electorate in my constituency.

“If Dr Mumba is a pastor, he should not tell lies that K1.4 billion has been disbursed to destabilise the MMD, it is a lie. I moved out of MMD after failing to reason with him over his selfish motive which is not inspiring,” he said.

He said the electorate in Mpongwe Constituency did not want him to be involved in retrogressive and antagonistic politics hence

his action to resign