Ken Simuyemba

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Ken Simuyemba is a singer, composer and dancer. He was born in Zambia and moved to Norway In 1985. He has been behind many incredible stories.

Since he founded Purr Productions, he has worked with Polygram Records and EMI Records Norway. He has performed concerts, TV and radio shows. In Zambia he has become the first artist to initiate several successful events aimed to improve the conditions of the underprivileged Children.


He has become, no doubt a role model most Zambians would like to emulate.The first lady of Zambia Mrs: V. Chiluba confirms these facts as she writes in the Times of Zambia, appealing to all Zambians to emulate Ken Simuyemba ‘s efforts to help the needy.


Ken believes in love. Anyone who believes in the unity of man is his friend. His compositions has been categorised as Pop/Rock-R&B with Afro beat in the background. Hits like “You can run but you can’t hide” a classic in term, has some of his magic, while “I m over here” demonstrates his beautiful Rock/ soul. “Say you love me”, puts you on a dancing floor While “Our world Full of fire” tells you how he incorporates his Africa in his music. In this song, you will hear the ZULU sing.

Purr Productions, a non-profit Organization, was founded in Norway by Ken. The Organization works with concerts, song writing and music productions. Purr Productions is also involved in several charity projects. In Zambia under the leadership of Mrs Christine Margritis the Chairperson, the Organization aims to improve the conditions of the voiceless. With help from other organizations, Zambian orphans, the Underprivileged have now a forum to voice out their needs.


In 1993 Purr Productions, organized a fundraising concert for NOAS were the founder and leader of the Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS) Ms: Annette Thommessen, the Mayor of Oslo Ms: Anne Marit Sæbøness, Einar Dorum, Albert Nordengen and the leader of the Antiracist Center in Norway gave speeches. NRK TV program leder Egil Teige read a poem. Anne Krigsvoll led the concert. The concert was titled, ” Simply love, love. Love”. Norwegian artists such as Ole Paus, Silje Nergaard, Henning Sommero, Anne Lise Bemtsen, Lars Klevstrand, Claudia Scott, Inkululeko choire, Ailo Gaup, the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, performed to support the event.

In the same year he once again invited to meet and perform for President Nelson Mandela at his Nobel Peace Prize concert. The story for “Norway for Black and White” conference just concluded Ken’ s love for all People. The Prime minister of Norway Ms: Gro Harlem Brundtland Sent the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development to participate at the Conference.

In 1997, Ken was the first Zambian and the first person to initiate and sponsor a Zambian youth football team to participate in a Norwegian youth football tournament (Norway Cup).

In addition, he launched and staged a fundraising concert at woodlands stadium in Lusaka Zambia. Purr Productions have designed a project called “Hand in Hand.This project is designed to address the problems of the homeless and orphaned children in Lusaka Zambia.” Hand in Hand” has achieved the following:

  1. Shelter where 500 children are now living.
  2. Medical care.
  3. Music activities.

In 1998 he founded and initiated the Panga Pamodzi Prize. The Panga Pamodzi Prize is honored to artists who have contributed tohumanity. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Bob Marley,Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Dr. Alban, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins,Yousou N Dour are already recipients of the Prize.