The Ngoma Awards are back!

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The Ngoma Awards are back!
The 15th Annual Ngoma Awards which are designed to recognise artistes in creative writing, visual arts, theatre and media arts are slated on Wednesday, 19th December, 2012. The awards which are hosted by the National Arts council of Zambia (NAC) and sponsored by Zambian Breweries are back after a two year hiatus.


This year in the category of the Chairman’s Award there is an opportunity for Zambians in Diaspora who have attained outstanding achievement in the arts, in film, music, literature, visual arts, theater, dance, acting to be honoured.
The criteria is as follows:

“A Zambian in Diaspora; man or woman of Zambian descent who has attained outstanding achievements in the arts sector in their country of residence or further.”
Nomination Categories:
Literary arts- Poetry | Literature (Fact/Fiction)
Visual Arts – drawing | architecture | sculpting | photography | Fashion
Theatre & Media Arts – Film | Theatre
Contemporary Music
Traditional Music & Dance
The period of qualification is from November 2011 to November 2012. Qualifying works need to have been created/produced/released during this period.

The Nomination period close date is Tuesday 27th November 2012

You can submit your nominations via email to: c1rca1964z {at} gmail {dot} com
On Wednesday 29th November the Awards Nomination party will be held at LIV Club in Lusaka. From 18 hrs -21 hrs.
All nominees shall be announced, along with announcement of planned performers at the awards, details of the event, etc.