Subsidies removal upheld

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Subsidies removal upheld

Shangombo, May 18th , 2013, ZANIS — National Committee on Anti Personnel Landmines Chairperson  ( NCAPL ) Gabriel Namulambe says the removal of fuel and maize subsides will greatly assist in expedite development in rural areas.

Mr. Namulambe,  who is also Foreign Affairs deputy minister,  said despite the decision not being popular, the monies served from the removal of subsidies will help in uplifting the plight of people living in remote parts of the Country.

He emphasized that the removal of fuel and maize subsides is not meant to punish the general public but to serve funds for developing infrastructure in national wide.

Mr. Namulambe said people who are against the removal of subsides do not want to see development spreading to remote districts.

The deputy minister appealed to critics to be more sincere when criticizing government’s decision over the removal of fuel subsides.    

Mr. Namulambe disclosed that during the tenure of late President Levy Mwanawasa , Mr. Mwanawasa had suctioned the removal of fuel subsidies but did not materializes due to his death.

He further explained that when President Rupiah Banda took office he decided to continue with fuel subsides that Mr. Mwanawasa had curtailed simply because Mr. Banda wanted to be popular.

The   NCAPL  chairperson said Zambia would have been more developed if only Mr. Banda implemented the removal of subsidies as the funds would have been used for constructing roads, hospitals, schools and housing units.

He insisted that President Mwanawasa was against the fuel subsidies cause of the hug cost involved in subsiding fuel.

Mr. Namulambe implored civil servants to explain to the communities the benefits that will arise from the removal of fuel and maize subsides.   

 The deputy minister said in Shangombo when he addressed civil servants on the policies of the PF government.

He cited Shangombo district as one of the districts that will benefit from the funds served from fuel susbidies.