Munkombwe calls media not to be compromised

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Munkombwe calls media not to be compromised

Livingstone May 3/13. ZANIS—–Southern Province Minister, Daniel Mukombwe, has urged the media in the country to avoid being compromised to sustain their professional standards and be good journalists.

And Southern Province Non-Governmental Organizations Coordination (NGOCC)
officer, Faith Simukoko, encouraged the media to remain focused
despite hostile working environments.

Addressing scores of Livingstone- based journalists during the
Press Freedom Day under the theme, “Safe to speak: Securing Freedom of
Expression in all Media”, Mr Mukombwe said it was important for
journalists to avoid being compromised by anyone if they were to be
professional in the execution of their job.

“As you commemorate this important day it is equally important for
you to avoid being compromised for you to be good journalist and be
professional in the execution of your duties,” said Mr Mukombwe.

He said government on its part was committed to take the Freedom of
Information bill (FIB) to Parliament soon but cautioned the media in
the country not to become fanatical in their reporting once the bill
becomes law.

He implored journalist to be responsible and professional at all times
when the bill becomes law.

“I know that some journalists’ professional ethics will be destroyed
once this bill becomes law because they will tend to become fanatical
in their reporting,” Mr Mukombwe observed.

Mr Mukombwe also boasted that he has managed to serve in all the
governments because he was honest, hardworking and not corrupt.

He said he was a simple village farmer who loved farming and was not
interested in getting superfluous riches acquired dubiously.
Commenting on the preparations for the United Nations World Tourism
General Assembly (UNWTO) to be co-hosted between Zambia and Zimbabwe
in August this year, Mr Mukombwe called on Inyatsi Construction
Company to expedite road construction works so that they
are completed in time.

“ I want to take this opportunity to urge those doing road works to
expedite the construction work because we have only two months to
finish the works and as a country we do not want to be caught napping
in all these preparations,” said Mr Mukombwe.

He also implored business houses, and house owners to ensure that
their properties were painted in readiness for the global event.

The minister further advised the media in Livingstone to step up
efforts to market Zambia’s tourism potential and its readiness to
co-host the event.

And Ms Simukoko pointed out that in many parts of the world,
journalists, bloggers and writers risk their safety, their job and
even their lives in a quest to bring out issues that affect society,
adding that it was, therefore, vital for the media to remain focused in
their work despite these risks if society’s many ills could be

Ms Simukoko also noted that self-regulatory mechanisms for the media
need to be created and strengthened and called on the government to
take the enactment of the Freedom of Information Bill (FoIB) and implement
the Independent Broadcasting Authority Bill (IBA) seriously.

She also implored the media to mainstream gender issues to foster
development and equality and equity for all.

Speaking earlier, Livingstone Press Club president, Brian Hatyoka
commended the delegates to the recently held national constitution
convention for adopting Article 38(1) on the freedom of the media in
draft Zambian constitution.

He also pointed out that it was shocking that some media houses
outside the tourist capital have continued to report negatively about
the preparations for the event when a lot of preparations were being
“It is shocking that some sections of the media outside Livingstone
have continued to report unfounded and misleading claims that nothing
is happening here in Livingstone in preparation for the UNWTO when a
lot of projects are being done,” said Mr Hatyoka.