29 year old villager nabbed for manslaughter in Luwingu District

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Police in Luwingu district in the Northern Province have arrested a 29 year old man of Chaswe village in chief Katuta area for manslaughter contrary to the laws of Zambia.


ZANIS reports from Luwingu that both Northern Province commanding officer Mary Chikwanda and Luwingu district police station officer in charge assistant superintendent Mwelwa Sampa confirmed the development in an interview , today.


Ms Chikwanda said 29 year old Ellison Mwansa was arrested for slaughtering a 6 days old baby after domestic dispute over a KR 2 ( K 2000 ).


She said Ellison Mwansa and his sister picked up a quarrel over K2 rebased note which her husband gave to his in-law (Elison Mwanza) to buy illicit beer, a move she was against.


As Mwansa was struggling to get his money back from his sister Suzan Chibale who had delivered a baby girl 5 days ago, he got a spear and tried to whip his sister but the missile unfortunately landed on an infant who died a few hours later.


She said Mwansa missed his sister and hit the infant who sustained serious injuries and later died in the early morning of yesterday.


The community crime prevention unit (CCPU) apprehended Mwansa and the matter was later reported to the police who rushed to the area and arrested the culprit.


“The child died as a result of internal injuries because of a K2 note, if his sister had released the money may be the child would not have died, I do not know what Mwansa was up to, after whipping the child he later stormed the nearby shop and got good worth KRB 4000, ” she lamented.


Police recovered some property in his house valued KRB 3000 which include sweats, chiko, biscuits and several other items which would produce as evidence in the court.


Mwansa has been charged with two offences of manslaughter and breaking into a building and committing a felony therein.


He was arrested for manslaughter contrary to section 199 of chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia and will appear in court soon.