Drunken Zambian tourist’s arm ripped off by three crocs


Drunken tourist, 21, had his arm ripped off by three crocodiles who attacked him when he jumped into a pool on a night out – but miraculously escaped with his life
Collin Miller, 21, travelled to Victoria Falls a few days before a friend’s wedding
On a night out, he decided to break into a crocodile cage diving attraction
He jumped into a pool that houses three Nile crocodiles and was attacked
Eventually, a worker and another man managed to drag Mr Miller to safety

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A drunken tourist who jumped into a crocodile pool after downing drinks with his pals had an arm ripped off and his head torn from side to side in another crocodile’s jaws.

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Collin Miller, 21, had inexplicably decided to break into crocodile cage diving attraction at Victoria Falls along the Zimbabwe-South Africa border, whilst out drinking.
Incredibly, he escaped with his life after the three crocodiles released him to fight over his torn off arm allowing a worker and another man to drag the tourist to safety.

The Zimbabwe Chronicle reported that the drama happened when the group reached a brewery situated right next to a crocodile cage diving company for tourists.

Eyewitnesses said Mr Miller, reputedly the worse for wear, inexplicably went into the brewery kitchen and jumped out a window and into the crocodile farm next door.

Even though in a clearly marked and restricted area, he then climbed over a fence and jumped into the pool of an attraction that allows tourists to dive with Nile crocodiles.

Three crocodiles were said to have been basking in the pool at the time when the wedding guest is said to have taken off his shirt and jumped in with the scaly beasts.

Three crocodiles were said to have been basking in the pool at the time when the wedding guest is said to have taken off his shirt and jumped in with the scaly beasts.

Terrified onlookers said the crocodiles went into a feeding frenzy with one reptile ripping off Collin’s arm and another clamping its jaws around his head and shaking.

Fortunately for him the crocodile that had his head was said to have let go and chased after the crocodile with Collin’s arm allowing two brave rescuers to grab him.

They pulled the blood soaked man from the water and over the fence to safety while the three crocodiles said to be up to three metres long fought over his missing arm.

Miller, of Lusaka, Zambia, had gone to Victoria Falls a few days before a friends’ wedding and had gone out drinking locally, according to local reports.

A witness said: ‘Mr Miller lost his left arm and sustained fractured ribs and injuries to his head and was stabilised and immediately airlifted to South Africa’.

He said to be stable in an unnamed private health facility over the border and the wedding went ahead without him two days later as planned at Victoria Falls.

Mr Miller’s bizarre decision to swim with the maneaters happened at 9pm last Thursday after his group entered the Victoria Falls River Brewing Company for a drink.

Collin Peter Stewart Miller

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