Zambia Army battles Kanyama rioters


The Zambia Army has moved into Kanyama to quell  the riots that have rocked the area.

Kanyama residents on Friday morning ran amok destroying property worth millions of Kwacha in protest against the removal of marketeers at Total filling station in the area.

The irate residents have also burnt a tipper truck and looted several shops in the area.

Kanyama Riots 2018-01-12
Kanyama Riots 2018-01-12

Police armed in full riot gear fought running battles with the protesters who threw stones.

Police led by Lusaka Division Commissioner of Police Nelson Phiri had a tough time to calm the rioters.

And addressing the rioters Mr Phiri appealed to them to removal objects used to block the roads but all was in vain.

Kanyama Riots, fires & teargas 2018-01-12
Kanyama Riots, fires & teargas 2018-01-12

And the traders complained that they were not warned and were surprised to see armed officers who told them to vacate the trading place.