People should not assume that the dams are full – ZESCO


Zesco Limited says water levels at Kariba, Kafue and Ithezhi Itezhi Dams are still low for load shedding to be reduced.

National spokesperson Henry Kapata tells Qfm News via telephone that Kariba dam is 17 percent full generating about 470mega watts of power, while Kafue gorge is at 28 percent full generating about 650mega watts of power and Ithezhi Ithezhi dam is at about 18 percent full generating about 40mega watts.

He explains that the company is mainly interested in the rain that comes between January and March saying this is the time the power generating dams receive water inflows.

Mr. Kapata says people should not assume that the dams are full as a result of the heavy downpour the country is experiencing.

He states that it takes about three months for the water from the source to reach the dams.

Mr. Kapata has since appealed for patience saying Zesco is monitoring the situation