Friday, November 25, 2016.

We are relieved and happy that ZESCO has finally restored power to Muchinga, Luapula, Northern and Eastern provinces that were in darkness following a fault caused by lightening on the 330 KV transmission line from Kabwe to Serenje.
We understood and sympathised with ZESCO regarding the reasons advanced for taking the relatively long period of five days to restore electricity supply to the affected areas.
ZESCO explained that lightening burnt conductors extensively over a distance of about 10 kilometres and rains hampered their work.
Against this background we are disappointed that the United Party for National Development leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema again tried to derive cheap political mileage from a national misfortune.
Instead of sympathising with our people in the affected areas who stayed in the dark for four days and had their food stuffs go bad Mr Hichilema decided to mislead the public claiming that the fault was due to incompetent alleged PF cadres at ZESCO.
Moreover, instead of regretting the effect of the development on the national economy and critical sectors such health Mr Hichilema decided to create the impression that government was complacent and yet he knew very well that ZESCO was working around the clock to rectify the problem and restore power.
We believe that this conduct by the UPND leader Mr Hichilema is immoral and highly irresponsible. Therefore we reiterate our call to Mr Hichilema to stop his attempts to ride on the misfortune of our people for cheap political mileage. Further, we want to advise Mr Hichilema that Zambians will continue to abhor his leadership style if he continues to exhibit his heartless attitude towards the suffering of our people. He needs to understand that people don’t appreciate leaders who take advantage of misfortunes to advance narrow selfish interests.

Frank Bwalya