No regrets over the much criticized seven year proposal

Paul Moonga
Paul Moonga

Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee Paul Moonga says he does not regret proposing the extension of the tenure of office for elected leaders from the current five to seven years.

And Mr. Moonga says he has written to Patriotic Front Secretary General Davies Mwila asking him to look into his proposal.

Mr. Moonga says it is disappointing to see how some people are criticizing his proposal.

He has maintained that extending the tenure of office will help government and members of parliament to deliver on their promises and implement policies because they will have more time to work.

Mr. Moonga says there is need to stop the continuous harm being done to the economy by holding elections every five years by increasing the term of office for elected officials to seven years.

He however, states that if the PF is not for the idea to extend the term of office for the president other elected officials, he will apologize for his proposal.



  1. RDA have revised toll gate fees from k10 to k40 while fuel prices where increased and there you’re running your mouth about irrelevant issues.. No 7 year term boss