Fight for freedom not yet over – HH

UPND-Cadres - Watermelon - Picture credit Tunfweko
UPND-Cadres - Watermelon - Picture credit Tunfweko

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema has encouraged Zambians to remain strong amidst justice mischief

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He has also called on UPND Members across the Country not lose hope stressing that the battle for a free Zambia has just begun.

Mr. Hichilema has expressed confidence that justice over the alleged stolen victory from him and the People of Zambia shall truly come to pass.

He has appealed to the country to oppose strongly any dictatorial tendencies such as the promotion of one party state.

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He has accused the PF under Mr. Lungu of having established a plan to turn Zambia into a one party state but that this will not be allowed.

Meanwhile Mr. Hichilema says the recent announcement by President Edgar Lungu that to institute a commission of inquiry into the recent elections violence spate is cheap politicking.


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  1. my younger brothers and sisters becarefui with politics in zambia,they fight money for them to be rich what about you,think and stay away u power to do somwthing.

  2. What freedom? Who was fighting? 24 October 1964. Remember that date? So all those who filled Heroes Stadium and the multitudes outside the stadium and those who gathered at different venues round the country or watched on TV in their homes and in bars on 13th September were forced at gun point? Get a life ba man and go and build 7 school in Dundumwezi so you can be remembered for something good. Those who are not happy should plant trees and watch them grow for the next five years. Stop weighing us down with your misery please. Zambia is not about 3 and a quarter provinces.

  3. Yes freedom from the bondage of the devil,so we just hav to be prayerful so that GOD delivers this nation from the hands of freemansons and the devil.

  4. but uyu ena cipuba! which freedom to fight for? as far as i knw kk & his comrades fought 4 independence. kanshi wakwatafye impiya,amano tawakwata!

  5. Watermelons just move on and come back in 2021,we have economical challenges that we need to work on not courts everytime.