Extravagant exaggeration to describe the elections as free and fair – VJ

Vernon Mwaanga
Vernon Mwaanga

Veteran retired politician Vernon Mwaanga says it is wishful thinking for anyone to say that this year’s general election was free and fair when opposition political parties were denied coverage by the State media.

Mr. Mwaanga says of all the Elections that he has witnessed, this year’s elections were the worst one owing to the number of challenges the Electoral Commission of Zambia faced.

He has cited the issues of the G12 form, the application of the Public Order Act during campaigns and several irregularities as some of the things that stop the elections from being free and fair.

Mr. Mwaanga stated that it would be an extravagant exaggeration for him to describe the recent elections as free and fair.


  1. Some of you guys have outlived your relevance to contribute to the governance of zambia,just shut your mouths and chew what you earned over the years .