PF wins Kalulushi


The PF in Kalulushi has scooped the Presidential seat with 19,587 votes.

Kalulushi Returning Officer Shame Samalela announced the results today at Kalulushi Secondary School totalling centre.

Mr Samalela announced that Edgar Lungu of the PF polled 19,587 against Haakainde Hichilema of the UPND who polled 11,953 votes.

Mr. Samalela also made an announcement on the referendum which had 19,897 for the Yes votes and 10,779 for the No votes.

The total votes received in the referendum vote were 30,672 and 2,513 ballots were rejected.

Kampamba Mulenga of the PF has scooped the National Assembly seat with 17,559 votes in Kalulushi.

Returning Officer Shame Samalela made the declaration this afternoon at Kalulushi Secondary School totalling centre.

iinga getting 743, and FDD’s Fabian Mambo polling 95 votes.
The UPND’s Bisha Munsaka was declared winner of council chairperson today by District Electoral Officer Ms Lyndah Mapara after he polled a total of 71,774, while PF’s Cecilia Lungu got 4,742 votes.
Meanwhile the  number  of valid votes in the  referendum signifying ‘YES’ were 377 for Moomba constituency, 2,296 in Monze Central, and 345 in Bweengwa Constituency, while the number of valid votes signifying ‘NO’ were 198 in Bweengwa, 317 in Moomba, and 1,472 in Monze Central Constituencies.
The total number of rejected ballot papers for the referendum 3, 850 in Moomba, 1,922 in Bweengwa and 9,208 in Monze Central Constituencies.