The wait for election results continues

Dora's Petauke rally 2016, is she winning?
Dora's Petauke rally 2016, is she winning?

Zambians will have to wait until 18:00hours to know the first official presidential results from yesterday’s general election.
The change in the time for releasing the results comes as the Commission is locked in a meeting with presidential candidates at the Mulungushi international conference centre.
Electoral Commission of Zambia Director Priscilla Isaac had earlier told a media briefing this morning that the first results would be announced at 14:00 hours before the time was changed to 15:00 hours and later to 18:00 hours.
Ms Isaac said there is no deliberate delay in the announcement of election results.
She has also reiterated that all election results being posted on social media are unofficial.
And Ms Isaac says all polling stations that started voting late yesterday have now closed.
She says the last polling station to close in Nalolo district in western province was Namabunga polling stations which closed at 02:00hours today.