HH thanks supporters

HH tours Solwezi Nov. 27th 2014
HH tours Solwezi Nov. 27th 2014

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.

Over the last 12 weeks I have travelled the length and breadth of our country, listening to the challenges our people are facing and their hopes for the future.

As a country we have been blessed with vast natural resources. Yet, while we live in a land of plenty our people are suffering because our economy is broken.

It is broken because of the lack of vision and failed leadership of the PF and President Lungu.

We will fix it. The UPND is ready to deliver on our 10 Point Plan. We are ready to serve the Zambian people and provide strong leadership to fight our common enemy—poverty.

Now is our time: our time to win the 11th August 2016 elections, and our time to switch out of reverse gear and get Zambia moving forward.

Every single vote matters in this election. It matters because you can change the future of our country. Together, we can realise our vision of a united, prosperous and equitable Zambia.

I promise that we will work hard to improve your lives. I promise that we will not rest until all Zambians are given the best opportunities, from education through to employment.

Remember your vote is your choice and your vote matters. UPND has a plan to protect the vote but we must turnout in numbers on 11th August to ensure a first round victory.

God bless you and God bless Zambia.