Zambia Red Cross Society to provide First Aid Before, During and After the 2016 Elections

Zambia Red Cross Society
Zambia Red Cross Society

The National Society has deployed 1,175 Red Cross Volunteers and has distributed medical supplies at a total cost of K1, 900,000 to its thirty (30) Branches in order to increase the provision of First Aid to those who may require it before, during and after the elections.

The Zambia Red Cross will place its Volunteers in 230 Polling Stations across the country where incidences of emergencies have been recorded during the campaign period. In Lusaka alone, about 100 Volunteers have been deployed to render First Aid to those who may need it throughout the electoral process.

“We will be conducting First Aid treatment on-sight during the remaining Political Rallies, voting day and the period after voting”, says Zambia Red Cross Society Secretary General Abraham Geevarghese. “Where need be, we will provide evacuation of those who may require special medical attention to nearest clinics using our Red Cross branded vehicles. Furthermore, we will be conducting First Aid patrols in the target districts to ensure that those in need of medical care are attended to promptly.”

The Zambia Red Cross Society will carry out this mandate with no segregation against anyone regardless of their Political affiliation. All the Red Cross Volunteers, Members and Staff will be guided by the Red Cross Fundamental Principles which include remaining neutral and impartial while providing humanitarian service to those in need. All Red Cross Volunteers, Members, Staff and Vehicles will be recognised by the Red Cross Emblem

Zambia Red Cross Society