Zambia’s economy is broken – HH

HH, GBM Grey Mountain Luanshya
HH, at a Grey Mountain in Luanshya through crushing stones ,,

The opposition UPND says job losses and rising prices are a sign the Zambian economy is broken .
UPND president Hakainde Hichilema has observed that this is however contrary to what a stable and consistent policy environment should be.

Mr. Hichilema believes that to bring prices down and create jobs the economy must be fixed.
He has told Qfm news in a statement that his party the UPND knows how to make this happen.
Mr. Hichilema says his party in its 10 point plan wants to support local businesses and farmers to access credit, increase productivity and lower the costs of production.

He states that in the context of a stable and consistent policy environment the UPND government will be prioritizing investment in the energy sector and value-addition industries.
Mr. Hichilema notes that this is besides having a strong focus on investing in and empowering people through access to education for all, mentorship programmers.
He says this in addition to focusing on practical and employable skills.



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  2. You helped break it with your reckless handling of the disposal of national assets.