No State House for HH – Nawakwi


FORUM for Democracy and Development president Edith Nawakwi was yesterday seething with anger after suspected United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres allegedly assaulted her parliamentary candidate in Namwala.
Charity Kabongomana was attacked in Namwala, leaving her with injuries and is currently admitted to a hospital.
She said UPND president Hakainde Hichilema wants to go to State House at all costs, even if it means through violence.

Daily Mail


  1. I think FDD has nothing 2 offer if it had they kud b telling us wat they will do if voted into power other than tok about UPND which is not a ruling party at the moment scorning UPND won’t mek pipo vote 4 FDD

  2. Nawakwi knows that her chances of winning a presidential election in Zambia will reduce to zero once HH wins this election. She only stands a chance if pf continues.

  3. What a fool. How did Mr. Hambulo manage to marry & continue living with such a naughty woman? She wants to go to state house but she busy fighting HH who is not in state house. Nawakwi, get your act right. Tell the people if you are supporting Lungu so that we know where you stand.

  4. Kabimba and Nawakwi are opposition quacks who need to be given 0.0000000001% votes for failing to move with the people in fighting the porvrty that has been brought by mPenFu!

  5. Never thought this woman is so shallow minded. I’m shocked. Instead of checking on the ruling party to see if they are capable of staying in power, she’s checking HH. Shame.