UPND cadres block roads


A GROUP of unruly United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres armed with stones and catapults yesterday blocked the junction between Lusaka’s Makishi and Broads roads, which leads to their party secretariat, leaving motorists stranded.
A check by a Zambia Daily Mail crew around 12:30 hours found that the UPND cadres clad in party regalia had blocked the road with stones while rudely instructing motorists and pedestrians to use alternative routes.

The rowdy cadres threatened to damage vehicles for motorists who resisted using alternative routes.
“No through road, go back!” a muscular shirtless cadre told one of the motorists while threatening to smash his vehicle with an empty beer bottle.

Several motorists were forced to drive back towards Church and Great East roads upon noticing the presence of the armed cadres.
And a visibly annoyed motorist who was turned back from driving on Broads Road was heard saying, “Why are they doing that, are these the kind of people who can lead us?


Police officers clear Roads Road blocked by UPND cadres  – credit Daily Mail