Simbyakula asked to withdraw bill to increase ministries


Government has been called upon to withdraw the bill that has been taken to parliament to increase the number of Ministries from the current twenty three to thirty.

Operation Young Vote Executive Director Guess Nyirenda says the kind of Bills being presented before Parliament by the PF government such as the bill to increase the number of Ministries from the current 23 to 30 is unacceptable and should henceforth be stopped from being law.

Mr. Nyirenda says it is unwise to begin to table in Parliament such a bill that only aims at creating jobs for a few individuals who would gobble too much resource from the national treasury through emoluments and other unnecessary expenditures at the expense of the majority helpless citizens and young people whose common denominator is joblessness, poverty and destitution among others.

Mr. Nyirenda says it is immorality and criminality of the highest order to employ such schemes of taking inconceivable legislation increasing Ministerial Position when the opposite is supposed to be the case in the deteriorated economy.

He says it is now very clear that the current leadership has no remorse on injury they have and continue to cause on the nation and its citizens.

He adds that his organization is convinced that the PF Government means no good with the proposed legislation table by the Minister of Justice in Parliament meant to increase the number of ministries from 23 to30.

The OYV Executive Director has since called on the Minister of Justice Dr. Ngosa Simbyakula to immediately withdraw this selfish bill from Parliament.



Picture Credit – QFM