800 UPND cadres defect to PF


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has continued recording major defections with the latest being 800 members leaving to join the Patriotic Front (PF) in Sinda, Eastern Province.
Last week, more than 2,000 UPND members ditched the opposition party in Mambwe District to join the ruling party.
PF Eastern Province secretary, Eddie Kapalu received the new defectors at a gathering at Mtore Primary School at the weekend.
Mr Kapalu accused the UPND of frustrating its members, resulting in an increase in the number of defections.
He said it would be prudent to give President Edgar Lungu the full backing he deserved.
“As a way to stop tribalism and violence, let us vote for President Lungu in August,” Mr Kapalu said.
PF national mobilisation chairperson, Charles Banda warned the people of Sinda not to put their hope in the UPND but to support the PF.
Mr Banda, who is PF member of the central committee and former Eastern Province minister, said people should mobilise and reject UPND through the ballot.
He said UPND had nothing to offer in terms of development projects, but PF was the solution to the problems they were facing.
Mr Banda said it would not be prudent for the people of Sinda to continue supporting the opposition.
“You have remained behind. In the previous elections you have been voting for the opposition, but this time around, I beg you to change your mindset and vote for the ruling party,” he said.
Meanwhile, Democratic Front (DF) party members in Lusaka Province have endorsed President Lungu as the best presidential candidate in the August 11 elections.
Former provincial chairperson Longe Mulenga said following extensive consultations among all party structures of DF, the party resolved to rally behind President Lungu, because he was the only credible leader.
“After extensive consultations, we, the DF members would like to announce that we have resolved to endorse and support President Lungu in the August 11 elections,” Mr Mulenga.
Mr Mulenga said while the country was going through difficult times, President Lungu had stabilised the economy and managed to unite the country.
He said the President had been able to finish all the projects started by the late president Michael Sata and started his own, which had seen massive infrastructural developments across the country.
Mr Mulenga called upon all well-meaning Zambians to support President Lungu in the elections as he had embraced God in his leadership.

He said DF president, Miles Sampa did not consult the members over his decision to join the opposition UPND, a move he described as selfish and lacking vision.

The members refused to be used for selfish motives as their interest was to ensure that Zambia developed.
Mr Longe said this in Lusaka yesterday in the presence of scores of DF members.


  1. You can not create wealth in the bush you need proper infrastructure, good road networks and good educational institutions… Then lower tax comes in,more jobs and more money in the pocket so if you open your eyes very well you will see what of is doing and you will defect and if you still can’t see its OK u can stay coz we need the opposition… Pf till the vote of me.

  2. dnt kubeba wl strike pf back.feed yo presidnt lungu wit ze truth nt lies and fake defections.wina azakalila,ask rupiah banda!

  3. Ba lsk voice these same pipo 2moro they defect from pf to upnd.They are hungry pipo and on friday the will defect to FDD.

  4. Seems this type of cheap politicking is known and it doesnt cook anymore.try something new ba PF.yo days are running out fast.forinstance try something like “PF new economic policy manages to reduce mealie meal prices by 50%.and the prices will continue dropping.”Then pipo will come to yo side.

  5. i hear jst to say hv defected to pf u receive like ka k200 Pin fo mahala. As long as there is money Bin Give out pipo will b making these fake defections.i cal this new way of empowering the pipo

  6. Wat a shit lie nd no one cud defect to pf unless someone mad nd no voters card kaponya

  7. Hahahahahahah how much was involved? Don’t kubeba hehehe even me on defecting from a nameless party how much are you offering?

  8. The Money being spent to fake the deffections Will be remembered after August 11. We are watching.