“I have been seeing my hubby with different women from church”

Judge Mallet; Hammer
Judge Mallet; Hammer

A PRAISE team member’s flirtatious behaviour with other church members led his wife to seek for divorce.

The Buchi Local Court heard that Kelly Kabaso, a committed praise team member of the Reconciliation Ministry Pentecostal Church was fond of flirting with church members.
The action prompted Christine Sinyenga, 30, to sue for divorce.
Sinyenga told senior local court magistrate Nsama Mutono that the couple got married in 2001 and have two children.

She said problems started when Sinyenga started flirting with women in the praise team yet he was one of the committed praise team members.

“I go to the same church with my husband and he is a member of the praise team. I saw him with one of the members in the praise group holding hands in town. I have been seeing him with different women from the same group, but when I ask him about the relationships he has with the said women, he ignores me,” Sinyenga narrated.

She told the court that her husband wakes up at awkward hours in the night to go to the toilet only to make phone calls to his girlfriends.
Sinyenga said that Kabaso sometimes goes home with cooked food from his girlfriends and does not even eat food cooked by her (Sinyenga).

But Kabaso said Sinyenge sleeps with leggings on and that when he asks her why, she tells him off.
“My wife even tells me I am wasting my time with her because she cannot bare me a child,” he said.
The court granted divorce, saying marriage between the two had ended because Sinyenga moved out of the matrimonial home in June 2015.

Magistrate Mutono ordered Kabaso to compensate Sinyenga with K10,000 to be paid in instalments of K300 each month and to pay her K200 monthly for child maintenance.

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