Constable Marjory Moyo to be evacuated to South Africa


The female police officer who was bashed by the runaway bus driver will be evacuated to South Africa for specialist treatment.
Constable Marjorie Moyo, who is currently admitted at the Levy Mwanawasa Hospital, is in a stable condition.

She will be evacuated to South Africa where she will undergo surgery given some soft tissue damages she suffered during the incident.

Constable Moyo was on duty when a bus driver attempted to speed off and hit the lady cop whose story has drawn widespread anger by the public.



  1. Jeremiah Lungu now it is high time u also get shot in the buttocks in the line of duty, kuti ba ku chiteni evacuate ku s.a. …… So that ifwe ma relatives banu tinga bwere visiting on a state sponsored trip!!! Lol

  2. There is a very stupid traffic police at Kafulafuta check point, very corrupt. He is a drunkard and all his colleagues know about his useless personality. He’s very stupid. I wish this had happened to him mwe and not to Marjory.

  3. Vin tegha,She wanted to collect money from the bus driver using corrupt means by running into the road. Thats what happened. Corruption mu’boma too much.