Miles resigns from PF


MILES Sampa has resigned from the Patriotic Front. Mr. Sampa who is the PF Matero member of parliament in a statement stated that his decision came about as a result of the intolerance, hate, vengeance and violent conduct towards party members; including those who supported him at the Kabwe convention in 2014.
“I would like to inform the general public of my decision to resign from the Patriotic Front (PF) effective 21st January 2016,” Mr. Sampa stated.
“As a firm believer of peace and democracy, I feel a number of people were not and have not been accorded the right to express themselves freely and that in itself has created disharmony from within. My efforts to unite the party have proved futile in the last 12 months.”
Mr. Sampa stated that the current PF in looks and conduct reminded him of the MMD of 2011 that instilled fear in the general public.
He stated that he chose to disassociate himself from such a grouping and wished them well.
“To the beloved people of Matero, be assured that there will be no by-Election in Matero as a result of my resignation. The new constitution effectively implies that I will be with you to finish off all the pending projects and programmes until the general elections,” Mr. Sampa stated.
“I will be holding a press conference tomorrow where I will be issuing a comprehensive statement.”