It is time for healing and reconciliation in the MMD-Lusambo


We are left compelled to comment on recent statements attributed to some MMD officials regarding the membership of former Republican President Rupiah Banda to the effect that his status will be discussed at the next NEC meeting.
As MMD youths, we feel the direction that some of our members are taking against Mr Banda is vindictive and in bad faith.
We are convinced that some MMD NEC officials already have a predetermined position even as they push the matter of Mr Banda into the next NEC meeting.
We feel the approach is a waste of time and will do very little to move the party forward.
Mr Banda’s fate and that of all those that abandoned the party in the 2015 presidential elections were determined by nature itself following the outcome of those particular elections. By dragging the matter of Mr Banda’s stay in the party to the NEC is simply opening old wounds.
We wish to advise President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba not to listen to those pushing for another confrontation with Mr Banda. Dr Mumba is better off concentrating on cementing the MMD as it prepares for the 2016 elections.
Attempting or indeed expelling Mr Banda from the MMD will not heal the party. It will, if anything, take the MMD back to the pre-January 2015 stage and it was fighting everyone. Let bygones be bygones.
The MMD will be better off reconciling within itself. Our beloved party still has a great brand with strong and well established structures across the nation which if properly harnessed can see the party compete favourably on the political scene.
The truth remains that Mr Banda is a former President of our party.
He still has a lot of supporters within the MMD. By expelling him or even attempting to expel him from the party will further alienate those that still support him. MMD needs to rebuild and it needs each and every member of our party to contribute towards that rebuilding process.
As MMD youths, we wish to offer timely counsel to our party President Dr Nevers Sekwila Mumba that he has limited time to turn around the fortunes of our party hence he needs to utlise that time prudently.
By fighting members especially Mr Banda and any other senior members, Dr Mumba would be wasting his precious time. Dr Mumba also needs to re-examine the people that surround him. We believe he is been misled by a group of Hyenas that do not mean well for him and the party. These Hyenas are merely interested in eating and scavenging.
They are not helping him rebuild the party. He is now a lone soldier who needs to re-strategise. Dr Mumba cannot continue running the MMD as a Kantemba with only a fee goods to sell.
Dr Mumba needs to start listening to a broader range of people within the MMD and not to restrict himself to a few individuals.
These individuals are misleading him and they are not asking the party anywhere. It is time that Dr Mumba opened his door to old and influential members who feel sidelined and cannot contribute anymore to the growth of the party.