‘Post shooting bullet stray, not lethal’

Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani
Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani

FORENSIC investigations that were launched to ascertain the circumstances behind a shooting at The Post newspapers newsroom have revealed that the bullet was a stray and non-lethal one.
Briefing the press in Lusaka yesterday on the findings of the shootings, Inspector-General of Police Stella Libongani said the bullet, which perforated the roof of The Post newsroom, came from outside and went through the ceiling.
Ms Libongani said the findings indicate that the damage on the rooftop was caused by a gunshot whose bullet calibre is 7.62 mm, commonly used in firearms such as AK47 rifle, she-rifle and SKS rifle.
“The Zambia Police have concluded investigations in the shooting incident that happened at The Post Newspapers head office along Bwinjimfumu Road in Lusaka on September 30, 2015.
“We have concluded that the bullet that went through The Post Newspapers office roof was a stray and non-lethal one because it had a standard shape and was not deformed,” she said.
Ms Libongani said the police carried out investigations in the surrounding areas and all the witnesses interviewed indicated that they did not hear any gunshots in the area prior to the incident.
She said the profile of the projectile (bullet) has since been uploaded on the ballistics database housed at the Police Service headquarters.
Ms Libongani said the outcome of the investigation is credible as it was handled professionally, and that the Zambia Police is willing to avail a detailed forensic report to the Post Newspapers on request.
She said the police conducted the measurement of the projectile to determine the size and identify the weapon which was fired; examination of the projectile to determine the impact, to approximate the distance travelled and the lethal or none-lethal state of the projectile.
Ms Libongani said the police also conducted examination of the impact made on the landing surface to determine the lethal-none lethal state of the projectile as well as measurement of the size and nature of perforation to determine the direction from which the projectile penetrated.
She said the police also conducted examinations on the projectile for identical markings which in future could help identify the weapon which fired.