As the year 2015 draws to a close, we wish to appeal to all Zambians to be careful with some politicians that are desperate to ascend to power.

In the next few months, Zambians will be electing their leaders and it is therefore important that the character of those seeking office must be thoroughly probed.

As MMD youths, the reports emerging from Southern Province where it is alleged that some political party is engaged in underhand methods to register youths as voters.

The reports that some children as young as 12 are being ferried to registration centres with the help of party officials and some traditional leaders are worrying and cannot pass without a comment.

These reports threaten the integrity and credibility of the ongoing voter registration process.

We therefore call upon the Electoral Commission of Zambia and other law enforcement agencies to thoroughly investigate reports that some of its officers with the help of traditional leaders are conniving with the UPND to register underage voters in Southern and Western provinces.

As MMD youths, we are however not surprised that the UPND is again embroiled in another scandal around elections. This is a party that has now become synonymous with illegal activities around elections.

If it is not the violence, then it is regional voting.

We believe the conduct of the UPND has the potential to undermine the electoral process which we have as a country worked so hard build.

We therefore wish to condemn these and any other acts of electoral fraud associated with the UPND.

But for us, this also goes to confirm that the party is desperate for power. It will do anything to ascend to power.

The UPND is desperate to govern such that it has difficulties respecting the current government. Our constitution clearly spells out that Zambia will be governed by one President at a time for a five year term.

It is therefore important that all stakeholders including opposition political parties respect the constitution by respecting the current President of the Republic of Zambia His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

As much as we sympathise with the UPND that it has been losing general elections since 2001, the party has no right to resort to illegal means of ensuring an inbuilt advantage for the 2016 polls.

The high levels of desperation in the UPND have led to the party’s failure to respect the current President.

As MMD, the Mother of Democracy, we have a short lesson on democracy to offer to the UPND. As much as you may not like to admit this, President Lungu has a popular mandate to govern and there is little or nothing you can do about.

He is eligible to rule Zambia until 2021. It will do the UPND a lot of good if they humbled themselves and started respecting the constitution.

We only have one question for the UPND, would they love to be insulted everyday in the name of opposition if at all they ever form Government?

As MMD, we believe that one can play effective opposition politics without engaging in disruptive and uncivilised behaviour. 21st century politics demands that one is civil in his or her engagements.

Further and above, modern day politics are solution focused and that means that both the opposition and the ruling class have to close ranks and dialogue especially over important national issues.

It is our humble appeal to the UPND to tone down and start respecting the presidency and playing politics by the rules.
Issued by: Mr Bowman Chilosha Lusambo
MMD National Youth Secretary
MMD Aspirant-Vice President