Behavioural change can help reduce road accidents-Minister


Government has observed that changing people’s attitudes towards speed, drink-driving and dangerous driving was the most critical areas of reducing road traffic carnages in the country.

And government has said instituting collaborative measures with the private sector, non-governmental organizations, other government departments and upgrading the enforcement programmes can transform the behaviour of road users.

ZANIS reports that Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenge said this in a speech read on his behalf by his Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela during the commemoration of world day of Remembrance of Road Traffic Victims and the Africa Road Safety Day in Ndola yesterday, November 22nd.

Mr. Musenge said Zambia is also affected by the high number of road traffic accidents and their results of deaths and injuries.

The Copperbelt Minister explained that the world day of remembrance of traffic victims is a global event which is designed to remember all those who lost their lives as a result of road traffic crashes.

He said this year’s theme, “Africa Road Safety Day is, towards enhanced implementation of Africa plan of action measures for the 2011-2020 road decade of action” calls on all the people to think globally but act locally.

“Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA), being a lead agency on road safety matters, means that this theme is specifically speaking to RTSA to develop strategies and means of enhancing the implementation of the Africa Road Safety Action Plan,” he said.

Mr. Musenge also urged all stakeholders to implement road safety campaigns that can help improve speed management.

He further said there was need to eliminate bad user behaviour from public roads by reducing and eliminating dangerous, drink-driving and eliminate unlicensed driving.

Mr. Musenge also said enhancing post-crash response and introducing speed limits should be accompanied by sustained and visible enforcement of speed limits.