Veep denies banning rallies on the Copperbelt

Vice-President Inonge Wina before a lecture at Columbia University on 11 March, 2015. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION - Photo Credit CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA -
Vice-President Inonge Wina - Photo Credit CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA -

Vice President Inonge Win says her statement in Parliament last week on opposition political party meetings on the Copperbelt has been taken out of context.
During the Vice President’s question time this morning, Ms. Wina says at no point did she insinInonge-Wina-Veepuate that all political meetings on the Copperbelt had been banned.
She says what she said was that at the time the UPND requested for permission to hold meetings on the Copperbelt, President Edgar Lungu was in the province engaging mining companies on how issues relating to their operations could be resolved.
She says while every political party has a right to hold a political rally, Police on the Copperbelt could have at that particular time deemed it not appropriate for political meetings after assessing the situation.


Ms. Wina says it is only those who are taking her statement on political meetings on the Copperbelt out of context who know their reasons.
She states that Zambians and political parties in particular have the right to hold rallies anywhere in the country provided they follow what is provided in the law.
Asked by MMD Mumbwa Member of Parliament Brian Chituwo whether she still stands by her statement that political parties should not go to the Copperbelt because of the challenges being faced in the mining province, Ms. Wina said there is no way Dr. Chituwo would suggest that she is changing her statement.