Kachanana Simate
Kachanana Simate

Peter Mwamba appeared before the magistrate’s court for
assaulting a female musician Kachanana Simate commonly known as Kachanana.The fact of the matter is that Kachanana 32 went to Peter Mwamba’s home to demand for her
money from him in the company of her
debtors that were pursuing her for the
debts too. Unfortunately Peter Mwamba a
debtor, owing Kachanana K57 000 charged with temper and engaged in  altercation with his creditor during the
discussion as to when he would pay the
money. Peter Mwamba 30 rose his
temper and advanced towards Kachanana
during the argument and hit her in the face. Kachanana fell to the floor and
started bleeding from the mouth and
nose. Therefore, Kachanana in the
company of her debtors left Mwamba’s
house to report the matter at Simon
Mwansa Kapwepwe Police Station where she was assisted with a medical form.
The case was then transfered to
Woodlands Police Station for appropriate
handling. Later, the arrest was made and
Mwamba as reported appeared before
the magistrate’s court to defend himself aganst the charges levelled against him.
Meanwhile, the Magistrate’s Court beyond
resonable doubt proved Mwamba wrong
of assaulting a
[a] woman and
[b] creditor [as claimed by the complainant]. Therefore, Magistrate
Jenipher Bwalya proved Peter Mwamba
guilt of assaulting Kachanana and
charged him with assault occassioning
actual bodily harm.However, both
Kachanana and Peter did not disclose the service that Kachanana rendered to him
that she is claiming K57 000 for.
Furthermore, Mwamba will soon appear
in the same or higher court for conviction,
fine or both.
Source: Daily Mail