Millers’ boss resigns

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Millers Association of Zambia Chairperson Allan Sakala has with immediate effect resigned from the association.

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Mr. Sakala resigned as Chairperson of the Millers Association of Zambia on Monday.He however could not give reasons for his resignation.

Mr. Sakala said matters referring to the association must be channeled to the association Executive Director Harrison Banda.

Mr. Sakala was speaking to ZNBC news in a telephone interview.He has since thanked members of the association for their support during his time as chairperson.

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Meanwhile Millers Association of Zambia Executive Director Harrison Banda has confirmed Mr. Sakala’s resignation to ZNBC news.

Mr Sakala was instrumental in negotiating with Government for the release of cheaper maize from the Food Reserve Agency to Millers in a deal aimed at keeping mealie prices at bay.

However, Government announced that this season would be the last time government will ever release maize to millers.

Agriculture Minister, Given Lubinda advised millers to source their own maize or close business if they have no capacity to do so.

The Association is also under investigation by the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission for alleged price fixing.

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