‘Let him disclose his pension’


FRUSTRATED that her husband of 28 years has refused to disclose his pension to her, a Lusaka housewife has sought intervention from the Chilenje Local Court to help save her marriage which she said is on the verge of collapse.
Florence Kachiba of Bauleni township said her husband Bright Soko’s refusal to disclose how much money he has in his account is causing problems in their home.
She complained to senior court magistrate Sharon Sichone that Soko does not want them to plan on how they will use the money for the benefit of the family.
Kachiba was narrating in a case in which she sued Soko for reconciliation. She told the court that the two got married in 1987 and have four children together. Bride price was paid.
“We agreed that we would complete the construction of our house once his pension was ready. But he has changed his mind now that he has the money. We cannot continue renting when we can be living in our own home,” she said.
Kachiba pleaded with the court to help save her marriage by counselling her husband.


But Soko adamantly refused to use his pension to complete their house.
“Please, be patient with me my wife. I am not ready to spend my pension money on the housing project, let that money remain in the bank. I am still strong, I will find another job and raise enough money to finance the construction of our house,” he said.
Passing judgment, the court reconciled the couple but advised Soko to involve his wife on how to invest the money instead of keeping it in the bank.