HH insists that PF a one term project

Hakainde Hichilema
Politician and businessman Hakainde Hichilema

UPND Leader Hakainde Hichilema says Zambians are now agreeing with him that the PF is a one term project as they are on the verge of exiting power.
Mr. Hichilema says it is very clear that most Zambians have given up on the PF for running the country without a plan.
Mr. Hichilema says keeping the PF in office beyond 2016will be suicidal for Zambian people.
He points out that one of the things that will cost the PF is the fact that President Edgar Lungu has decided to bring back the people who were rejected by the Zambian people in 2011 for non performance.
The UPND Leader says it is illogical for the PF to think that by bringing finished politicians who were part of the MMD Zambians rejected they will win next year’s elections.

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  1. Yes it is true it will be suicidal. PF is the worst and most useless in the 50years Zambian independence.

  2. DAVIES KABANGE CHAPULA you ARE shallow minded and you are dull and u dont even know why u r on face book.am pure bemba and gonna vote for HH.be wise in yo talking.U R TOO BEHIND WIT YO THINKNG

  3. I would like to hear solutions from aspiring candidates not theory.
    So if things will change before elections then PF has to continue.
    Tell people how you will do things differently.
    For now this type of politics ended with ba RB and ba Sata.

  4. We know them,when they fail they play the tribal card,it will never work bamwishila nsala! Thats y u name a stadium “Disaster” The tribal card will never take u anywhere!

  5. hh and his followers are da ones who gave on pf but not zambians remember pf z beyond 2016

  6. @Victor Kabwe [email protected] question is on point & am gathering possibly low literacy levels r responsible 4 the everyday insults’ xchange. Surprisingly, our political leaders r partners in various business firms but the supporters won’t stop @ nothing without showing lunacy. It’s regretable [email protected] supporters don’t directly benefit when a political leader wins coz hardships get harder as long as people don’t work hard. LET’S WORK, ALWAYS, LET’S WORK. ECL OR HH IS NEVER GONNA SEND SOME PEOPLE TO PUT FOOD ON OUR TABLES.

  7. Let us wait for elections,and results to follow.If facebook was the ballot paper…………………

  8. Bwana H H Which Credentials Do You Have To Assure Us That You Are Not Part Of The Plunderers. Correct Me. You Were Not Part Of The Privatisation Process? Remember Collective Responsibility. In Fact The Devil You Know……..

  9. Hmmmm ba chibwe, HH must hv been very powerful for someone who was 27 yrs at that time to hv been able to direct government policy on privatisation and when it came to valuation, I was on the copperbelt, connected to someone who worked with him at grant thorton. These guys never even valuated mines what they where valuing where companies. And the government of the day also had exparts from IMF who where also advising on the value of these companies. So pls stop misleading people with the little knowledge you hv.

  10. hh n upnd fuck u all ,u satanism group fuck u all ,dont u know dat Zambia z christian country ,u cant rule us.PF belong to God ,so dat y i will never give up for PF ,weza economic z not good bcoz God’s thing come bit by bit not satanosm come bigger at one time.damn u

  11. Some of u r bewitchd tribalist who cant see sense in what ever hh says but only tribe.what has being bemba,tonga,nsenga or chewa got 2 do with leadership? Inflation go to double digit and u r busy praising yo foolish government.

  12. Who told you that we’ve given up??? U must be dreaming HH son…..offer solution if u are a genuine leader not such rubbish.

  13. Did you read my comment/response to someone who commented foolishly on my comment? Or you are just mentioning God bcoz you saw the word God without knowing how it was put there? So you your reasoning is that hh will buy you a car? If you are lazy keep starving~i eat every day. You want the govt to dig even a toilet at your yard. That is the mentality of lazy people. Stop commenting on people’s comments without understanding the context.

  14. Did you read my comment/response to someone who commented foolishly on my comment? Or you are just mentioning God bcoz you saw the word God without knowing how it was put there? So you your reasoning is that hh will buy you a car? If you are lazy keep starving~i eat every day. You want the govt to dig even a toilet at your yard. That is the mentality of lazy people. Stop commenting on people’s comments without understanding the context.

  15. Even a donkey can do farming exactly as a cow.. Sometimes more than a cow.. Wise words [meaning] Even a tonga or a lozi can rule even better than the easterners or the bembaz… So piece of advaise Dont attack ‘TRIBES’ they are just languages. PF has lost value so has its president

  16. lt has always been like that! Claims like things have changed on the ground and upnd is popular are not new!

  17. which zambians iwe HH? point of correction the Balose has greed with u,ha!ha!ha!ha! we ar still PF we cant tell u becoz ni Dont kubeba!!

  18. Change of government in Zambia has never began from southern province and it will never b. let’s wait and see.

  19. So hh wat do u want us to do? Problm of u only manage 2 convince pipo on fb bt u fail 2 do it publically!!! Kuno ku so called yo home land u dnt giv dem sapot nd ua bussy sensitizin 2 pipo @ am yo presdo. Nafuti Nafuti u won’t inherit da kingdom of presido kamucheka iwe!!!!

  20. A vote for U.Don’t worry about self blind pipo they will see one day.Izabanyokola njala ilibe tribe.

  21. Things are hard. Option B very envitable. CHANGE TO ATTITUDES TOWARDS CHANGE.ITS UP TO YOU PIPO

  22. which zambians?????? For your own infor the current economic challengers has even given us courage to hold on to Patriotic Front – PF. We knw you hh even 2016 we shall not vote for you. Ni kolopa.com

  23. If You Hh You Had The Vission Of This Beautiful Country. Y Had You Accepted The Pravitazation Of Those Campanies Same Of Them You Are A Shareholder, And You Want 2 Blem On The Pf Government Are You Not The 1, 2 Blem, And Wat Do You Have 4 Us, Coz Everyday Wat I Can Hear 4rm You Iz Pf Have Failed. You And Your Party You Are All Failiers Coz You Have Failed 2 Tell Us Your Manifesto Which Can Convice Me 2 Vote 4 You. Explan Your Manifesto Not Talking Will Not Change Anything.

  24. As long as me and my fello youths we cast our votes HH will never be the president of zambia work up zambians let’s not let a free masion rule us Zambia Go,PF Go

  25. Bufi mwana ! you are an Economist and you what an Economic melt down is but why can’t you education the masses all you want to dos to blame someone ! i

  26. HH conveice zambains that PF work without a plain nd show as ur plain so that we vote 4 u bt or though its doesn’t h’ve a plain I can see things with my eyes.we are waiting 4 ur @lain 4 zambia ryt

  27. Ba mutambo awe sure mwandi uluse.ubwafya tamukwete amano and for that I’ve very kind words for you.Limbi nobunga munganda tamukwete.If you go back to bible God only entrust kachemas coz they have a good heart.Abraham was a kachema,David was a kachema the almighty saviour himself was a kachema coz they are a good example of leadership.

    • today you have accepted being called ba kachema last timt muna kalipa hahahahaha poortribalparty.

  28. Why is it difficult for people to debate issues? Instead of talking about what HH is saying, some hv gone tribal, others religious and insults as well. are we not always preaching One Zambia One nation. Am bemba from mporokoso who supported PF but I hv now seen that these guys hv run out of ideas. I will vote wisely this time cause am looking at my childrens future as well, and if we continue on this path the economy will colapse completely

    • Victor, this is the sign of extreme poverty, people stop thinking, they tend to react with insults, they can’t differentiate between White and black because of the hardship they are going through.

    • privatization privatization we really forget easily. Alot of people are in extremely poverty because 1. Your leader was a middle man who under evaluate the prices for Companies which were sold cheaply in the name of making money. 2. People lost employment. 3. Alot have died of depreciations leaving the kids ur seeing moving around, stealing, attacking pipo others in orphanages. Have you ever thought of this? The government which made him rich today its bad. Think.

  29. @Mutambo don’t bring tribalism here. I guess you are Tumbuka from Muyombe. More words are reserved U.

  30. 4 u Judging HH 2 b Satanist May Almght GOD 4give u And continue Bleesing Him 4 his leadership 2 save Zambian Pipo in 2016

  31. Tongas awe shuwa~they behave like their animals. Tongas you will be silenced again nextyear and this is something am very sure of

    • n u wnt thm to support hh wen u call thm dull instead of u convincng thm to vote 4 hh #smh coz hh cnt win minus thoz pf votes

  32. All I need is change of governance not government. I mean the people in power changing the way they run the country NOT changing the people in power.

    • I like your reasoning chief..this is what I call maturity and wisdom..thumbs up to you….

  33. Ba mutambo ati “barrot” let me guess,u left Grade one Term 1,first day at breaktime-yaba!

    • the fact is u know what he is basically talking about and the bottom line which is to retire hh.

    • We retire HH in the barrot yes,not the ballot.The ballot is for the voters to decide,not one person’s opinion.It is a collective decision,your view,my view doesnt matter because we have different preferences!

  34. Desmond u don’t have brain I see u like a container without anything but air hw can u call someone your fathers age like that I think u are part of those that hamed God wen. He said its better to destry this image and make another thing carefull this is just politics remember heaven at last not politics

  35. UPND MP’s what have they done for their constituincies? Povery Reduction?and any Job Creation?any Economic Empowerment?I need to know this Ba HH?

  36. @Desmond lifestyl Jr you are very stupid indeed, how can you call some one of your father’s AGE to be stupid. You are a Disgrace in Life, its just politics where you won’t benefit anything out of voting Your father to state house. You have to mind your Language.

  37. If God gives all leaders,then we were duped! We r suffering! Even Idi Amin was a leader oooh,was he from God? NO!

    • YOU WISH. you like it or not HH is Ruling next year, and unless you tell me that God has said no, then I will not believe your arguments. it is clear PF has failed!!

    • ba mutambo, I have a good baby there but it’s going to grow under harsh conditions with your govt, right now if u don’t own a car, which l believe then u will never in your life time with your baby have one,…the dollar has just skyrocketed bcoz of chimbwi no plan govt….pf.!!! l don’t believe when u r fooled that God chooses leaders, l can tell u, The likes of Mabutu, ldi Amin and others… who r rated to have been most evil men on eart, z it God who chose them?.. don’t put God in rubbish dirty politics of insults and tribalism….

  38. hh u ar vry stupid,u Zambian pipo dat u cn rule our country wtht #GOD.upnd satanist

    • If u can not prove that he is satanist,may God deliver you for your anger.And dont call HH stupid using God’s name-How does this sound?”repent bitch” how u feel is how wrong u are!

    • ba desmond who r u to call him a satanist haa? i think u r jst a jelabo who jst listens to what pipo say repent

    • Imwe ba Desmond, living beings like you are the reasons Zambia is going through these problems. Your motives are derived from Tribalism, hate, jelous, envy, and many more other silly reasons why you do not want HH rule this nation but you are coming in the name of GOD and that HH is a Satanist. He might b a satanist but please if you know you mean less and when you clearly search your self and find that the things I have mentioned actually exist in you, STOP hidind in the name of God because by you doing that, we Well meaning Zambians Pay the price. its onlythat it is had to discover certain things exist in you because you actually blinded by them.

    • a satanist wil owez be a satanist even his litu followers know it bt are defendn him blindly